Friday, November 4, 2011

Obsession #fridayflash #fridayfictioneers #100words

Here's the photo prompt provided by Madison Woods for this week's Friday Flash Fiction. Boy, does it bring back some less-than-pleasant memories of last year!

It inspired me to write "Obsession."


Again, I have strayed too far from my Sun. My hair, once flaming red, is brittle and broken. The whisper of my leaves has turned to a cold, howling wind; crying for what, I know not.

Animals used to revel in my warmth. But even they have been chased away by my windy wail.

What is it that pulls me away from my Sun like clockwork? If it is some obsession that draws me, why does it leave me cold and lonely?

I have no answers.

But it is time to sleep. And I will dream again of Spring.


  1. I absolutely loved this. A tender tribute to those gorgeous inhabitants of our forests! Uniquely and beautifully told, Jan. Thank you for sharing!

    Here is mine:

  2. A very evocative rendering of Gaia's thoughts. Well done, Jan.



  3. I could hear the wind whistling through the naked branches and feel the cold and lonliness creep up my spine. Think I'll put my jacket on. :)

  4. This is very poetic! I love your descriptions and use of the prompt. I had never thought of how the trees feel!

  5. Your abililty to consider things from different angles produced a touching story told from the POV of the setting. Every winter I will see leafless ice covered trees in a totally different way. I will have sympathy for them.

  6. Ah! That's beautiful. Fantastic job. I think I'm going to cry...

  7. I love how it's told from Winter's point of view! I never thought of how she would feel... nicely done!

  8. @K.D. McCrite - I especially enjoyed your story this week. Loved the twist at the end!

    @Douglas MacIlroy - I must admit, I didn't know who Gaia was, until I "googled" it! Now I learned something new, and may change the title to "Gaia's Obsession." Thanks!

    @Russell - You'll really need your jacket here pretty soon. Let's hope we won't have any pictures like this one to take. :)

    @Susie Lindau - I originally thought of making this a poem, but that was too challenging at 6:00 a.m. this morning. :)

    @Jack LaBloom - For some reason, I like to write stories from strange POVs, and I've always looked at trees as having feelings. Thanks for your comment!

  9. @Luna Zega - Aw, don't cry. Well, okay,I'll bring some hankies. :)

    @Mahjira - thanks for your comment!I visited your blog and left a comment - enjoyed your story, and great blog!

  10. Jan,

    A dream of trees. Beautifully haunting and so full of sorrow. Well done. :)

  11. Okay, I'm going to say something that will really give away how strange I am. Your story reminded me of it. Maybe this is fiction, a part of a book I'm writing about the symbiotic reltationship between life forms and the earth...Maybe it's truth. I know I'm not the only one who talks to trees. But I like to talk to them especially during winter, and especially when I have a favor to ask because they're like a captive audience while they're asleep, lol, and the message is taken in and becomes part of their subconscious *sendings*. Trees exist all over the world except in the very arid places and the mycelia around their roots connect even forests across great spans. Think of the awesome networking opportunity for those who know the language exists...

  12. Sorry. I got carried away. I loved your story - it really moved me to hear that point of view!

  13. Very lovely, Jan. Loved the unique perspective, too. :)

  14. Wow, Gypsy Jan!
    I loved your story and the way you stepped outside of the box and wrote from a new POV. More! More! I want more

  15. I like the relationship to the sun in this piece. Good job!


    (I know, I'm late this week for Friday Flash. It happens.)

  16. Sometimes one detail is all it takes to carry a story over the top, the hair took me.


  17. Amazing. I would never in a million years had thought of that POV. Nicely done. Congrats. (You intimidate me now.)

  18. Beautifully written--almost poetic. I loved it. You're soooo talented.