Monday, November 28, 2011

Morrill's Monday Morning Mashup - 11/28/11


creative combination
or mixing of content
from different sources.

Since this is Cyber Monday, I'll start my mashup with a link for all you Christmas shopaholics. This site pulls together lots of bargain shopping so you don't have to go surfing for sales!

And now, on to my writerly mashup:

Do you have Klout? No, not clout, but Klout. Have you heard of it yet? Klout measures a user's influence across the social network. I'm not sure if I should admit my score any more than I should tell you my age, weight or bra size, especially since none are anything to brag about. But I will say that since tracking it in October, and reading Kristen Lamb's book, We Are Not Alone: The Writer's Guide to Social Media, it has gone up almost ten points! Here's a link to Social Media Today, which gives a good overview of Klout scores, and why many consider it important today:

However! My next mashup link is posted on Jane Friedman's website. Guest blogger, Christina Katz, cautions us not to spend so much time on branding that we lose the "expressive, evolving pleasure of our natural dynamic."

So, the challenge is to balance our creative branding with our creative writing. As writers, we need to remember where our emphasis should be and write. In the last two weeks, my Klout score has gone up, but don't ask me how many new pages I've written.

Therefore, my last mashup for the week is full of prompts to get your creative juices flowing, posted on a blog by Marelisa Fabrega. It's a mashup within a mashup, with eighteen links to stimulate you to write:

I hope these links are helpful. Now all you need to do is decide whether to shop, brand yourself, or create a written masterpiece.


  1. Clever--and informative! Thanks, Jan.

  2. Nicely done, Jan--great links. I discovered Klout several weeks ago. But watching your score as it goes up (or down) can drive you nuts!

  3. These are great. Thanks, Jan. The Cyber Monday link is the gravy on this week's potatoes.

  4. @ed_quixote - Thanks! I'll patiently await your creativity.

    @amyshojai - What a nice compliment coming from one whose Klout score must be in the bragging range. I've decided watching mine is like watching the scale or the stock market, and only check it once a week. :)

    @mgmillerbooks - I have you to thank for introducing me to Kristen Lamb. But why'd you have to go and mention gravy? Now I'm hungry again.

  5. Great blog because this time of year ITS HARD TO WRITE. or blog or edit or even think straight. I'm even now in a fretzy mood because so much to do and I wanna go work on writing 'stuff'. The list gets longer. Soooo my klout is going down hill, I'm sure. In fact, it scares me to even check that score. But bless you for offering the link. J

  6. Loved this week's mashup. I quit looking at my Klout score, lol. Too stressful.

  7. Thank you for these links Jan. Just trying to balance the social media thing with the WIP. What a delicate act!

  8. @Judy Ridgley - just breathe. This time of year shall pass. :) But I know how you feel.

    @Madison - I saw your Klout score, and you have nothing to stress about. :)

  9. @Karen McFarland - thanks for your comment, and you're exactly right. In the act of balancing social media and my WIP, I'm afraid I've fallen off the tightrope many times.