Monday, November 21, 2011

Morrill's Monday Morning Mashup - 11/21/11

Welcome to my Monday morning mashup, where I post links to information I found interesting or useful in the previous week. Below, I've listed a few appetizers to whet your writerly appetite for the coming Thanksgiving week:

Kristen Lamb posts some of the most useful advice and information I've seen yet on social media. I recently purchased her book, We Are Not Alone - The Writer's Guide to Social Media. I am still in the process of reading it. (watch for a review!) but so far, it's full of practical, easy-to-follow information about how to establish an online presence.

The link below is on PLATFORM. According to Kristen, it's not just for non-fiction writers anymore.


This is a blog by author and teacher, Suzannah Windsor Freeman. I subscribe and I look forward to its emails that are always full of helpful information for writers. Here's a mashup within a mashup -- a list of 23 websites that will make your writing stronger:


This award-winning blog by Elizabeth Spann Craig regularly posts information that is useful to all writers - not only those who write in the mystery genre. I especially liked this post about what NOT to listen to in a critique. The guest blogger, Anne R. Allen, states:

"A critiquer should tell you what's right with a work as well as what's wrong."

This is something we as critiquers too often don't remember. Here's the link to the post:


Happy Thanksgiving! Unfortunately, browsing the Internet for interesting tidbits probably won't burn any calories, but I'll see you next week anyway, with a new mashup!


  1. Of course cruising the internet burns calories, just look how far we sometimes travel. It also burns the calories that didn't count because we were eating with friends and family. :) Thanks for the informational links. Looking forward to your review of Kristen Lamb's book. :)

  2. Browsing the internet keeps my typing fingers svelt and well toned. Nobody likes fat fingers--so hard to fit into those slimline gloves, LOL!

    Great mash up. *s*

  3. Wow, this is great, Jan. I've already checked out a couple of the links and found lots of helpful information. Thanks.

  4. Lots of great information. Thanks for pointing us in the right direction.

  5. Good post, Jan. Looking forward to your book review.

  6. I like your mashup idea. Thanks for the links. I get Kristin Lamb's blog posts to my inbox and always like reading them too. Interested to hear how you like the book.

  7. Wonderful links. Just wanted to wish you a happy Thanksgiving too.