Thursday, September 1, 2011

Thursday Already?

My friend posted a blog ( today about the progress she's made on several projects. Feeling rather frazzled this past week, it inspired me to think about what I've accomplished.

1) Completed a new short story.
2) Sent a total of 13 short stories and poems to two contests.
3) Submitted two short stories to a literary journal.
4) Submitted a short story to an anthology.
5) Appeared on Madison Woods' blog. (Well, okay, actually she interviewed about a week ago, but it appears this week, so I'm counting it anyway!) And thanks, Madison, for some excellent and thought-provoking questions!
6) Lined up a blog series that I'm REALLY excited about. (To be announced soon!)
7) Added three pages to my work-in-process, Broken Dreams.
8) Posted a blog entry on Character Body Language.

I think it's important sometimes--especially when frazzled--to sit down, take a deep breath, and think about all that you've accomplished.

So all in all, I'd say this was not a bad week, at least in terms of my writing. But, outside of my writerly world? Well, take a look at my desk and guess what I'll be doing tomorrow.


  1. After reading what you accomplished today and seeing your desk, I can no longer blame my procrastination on my desk clutter. It seems we writers have what a friend called "organized clutter". :)

  2. @Zona, I don't know that I can even say my clutter is organized at this point. Top item on my list today is to clean off that desk. Of course, there are days I don't get to that list. :) Thanks for your comment!

  3. Ah, Jan. You rock, darlin'! Good job. There are days I think "I haven't done a blessed thing this entire day." Then I make a list of what I did . . . and realize I was busy, after all. :-)

  4. @K.D., I think I'll have to take advantage of making a list more often - I have too many days when I think I haven't accomplished anything! :)

  5. Jan, I create an accomplish list often when the "pity me" days in in to play. It is a good thing to remind ourselves we are going forward if only one step at a time.

  6. I like to do this too - make a list of what I've accomplished. And I include everything - even getting the dog to the groomers! When some days it is a reason to cheer just because I got out of bed, a quick review of what really happened boosts my confidence and helps me carry on!

  7. @marynidasmith and @kbnelson, I'm going to try to keep lists like this more often. In fact, I bought myself a pretty little notebook to carry in my purse. I'll make that list whenever I feel like I've accomplished nothing in my day!

  8. Great idea (the list) and congrats on all of your accomplishments. Well done! And your desk...well, mine is worse. I must clean it this week...if I can find the time. There's no telling what fab novel idea is lurking under a pile.

  9. But I am happy to see another messy desk. My husband, an engineer who only reads textbooks or math books, just shakes his head. Lol