Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Magical Moments and Point of View

point of view:
1. A particular attitude or way of considering a matter.
2. (in fictional writing) The narrator's position in relation to the story being told.

I have only slightly embellished the following story that my friend, Russell, sent me this morning. Not only did it make me laugh, I thought it an excellent example of point of view:

Magical Moments

Harry met Sally at the Singles' Club and discovered over time that he enjoyed her company. After several weeks of meeting for coffee, he asked her out for dinner. Much to his delight, she accepted.

What a lovely evening they had, dining at the most romantic restaurant in town and dancing into the wee hours to the sounds of Big Band.

Despite Harry's age, they ended up at his place for a drink. One thing led to another, and age being no inhibitor, Harry invited Sally into his bed, where they had a most enjoyable roll in the hay.

As they basked in the glow of the magical moments they shared, each was lost in deep thought:

Harry stared at the ceiling, thinking, "If I'd known she was a virgin, I'd have been gentler."

Sally turned to her side, snuggled against Harry and pondered. “If I'd known he could still do it, I'd have taken my tights off."


  1. My Dad used to say, "Just because there's frost on the roof doesn't mean the fire has went out."