Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Telling Tuesdays 01/17/12

Welcome to Telling Tuesday, a day reminiscent of those in school when I looked forward to seeing what everyone brought for show and tell. This weekly feature was inspired by an article on WriteToDone.com, called "How to Show (Not Tell): A Writing Lesson from John LeCarre."

It is one of the best articles I've seen on the rule all writers know--show, don't tell--because it doesn't just tell us how not to tell, it shows us some of LeCarre's very own examples.

" . . . descriptions can set the scene, convey the inexpressible, and turn the reader into a witness, instead of remaining a mere bystander." -- Mary Jaksch, author of the article

Each week, I'll give a "telling" prompt, and invite you to show us, to make us a witness, not a mere bystander.


I'm out of town today, so have not yet written my "showing" for my prompt. But, I'm looking forward to reading the variety of senses you use to "show" me stress. Not that I need it. :)

I'll have my tale posted by tomorrow.

She felt stressed when she noticed the time.

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