Sunday, December 26, 2010

A Writer's Space

What is your writing space like? This is a picture of mine. Sometimes I imagine it a hundred years from now, in the Jan Morrill Museum with a sign that reads:

This is where Jan Morrill wrote her seventeen bestselling novels.

Pardon this fiction-writer's escape into the realm of (very) creative non-fiction.

Things I love about my writing space:

1) It has most everything I need in a relatively small space - reference books, the Internet, a laptop, file drawers, a printer, pictures of loved ones, personal treasures, a bulletin board.

2) It has a great view of the Ozarks outside a window that is small enough not to be distracting while I write.

3) I have a comfortable chair from which to type or read . . . and re-read . . . and re-read my manuscripts.

Things I would change about my writing space:

1) I would put a door on it. Sometimes I am distracted - by the television, my dogs, my husband.

2) I wish the Internet was faster and more reliable - but then, I might not get as much writing done.

3) Since I am a writer and can create my own fantasy world, I wish my writer's space would clean and organize itself.

Tell me about your space - your likes and dislikes. Email a picture to me at and I'll post it on this blog!

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  1. This space looks good to me. My problem in having a designated space is keeping others out of it. Everyone thinks it's fair game and tend to take it over, even when I have deadlines looming. That's why I got the laptop. I can sit in the recliner, on the sofa, in the bed, or at the kitchen counter. It's a Mafia laptop: Keepa You Hands Off!

  2. Jan, cozy nook!
    I used to have a nook. My desk sat in the division between two dormers. It was an upstairs (hence dormers) oasis. My bedroom! :) I could close the door and be at peace with my writing and music.

    Now, I grab writing time at the local coffee shop, on my tummy in bed, or on my tummy on the sofa. However, I've only "found" my lost Romace manuscript in the last few days. So, I'm VERY ready to do some serious fiction now!

    I'm setting my alarm for early in the morning, so I can get to the coffee shop and put my iPod earbuds in, and write, write, write!!

    (I'll have to send you a picture of my booth at Arsaga's Coffee Shop) LOL.

  3. I like the white wine and the "Play" sign on your window. ;-)

  4. I wish my desk faced the window, but when I rearrange it that way my ornery family members delight in startling the oxygen right out of me!

  5. @kdmccrite - whatever you do, it's working. You've had a successful year!

    @everydayclimb - can't wait to hear more about your "lost romance." So, get writing! (Glad you recognized the "Play" sign on my window.)

    @Linda C. Apple - I say "lock the door." Or, get your ornery family members back twice as good. :-)

  6. My writer's space includes a lovely antique secretary nestled in the space between the fireplace and the wall. Soft light blankets the area, entering from a window above my desk and another on my right. It sits like a siren awaiting its writer, while I busy myself elsewhere.
    Pati Mitchell

  7. Too neat and orderly. I like the touch of green (plant) and the statuettes, though, and the picture. Where are the notes you don't have room for and the pamphlets, and notebooks, and loose papers on the floor and the file folders, tax information, partially written books, and all that stuff?

  8. @Pati - "a siren awaiting its writer . . ." I LOVE it - I hope you find yourself submitting to that siren soon!

    @Oscar - that's because I cleaned it up for the picture! :-)

  9. Nice writing space Jan! I didn't realize the window was there until I zoomed in on the pic. Initially I thought you had a built-in filing space. I realized afterwards they were actually blinds! LOL! I finally cleaned up my office space, which is the only room in the house that's actually all mine. I guess you can call it my writing space since I do actually use my laptop there. I have to tell you my English teacher in college was always impressed with my writings. She asked to keep my essays for future classes; not only for my writing skills (then, not now), but for the stories I'd write. My aunt who passed away some years ago loved to read the letters I'd send her because I'd describe things with such detail that she could visualize everything. Those were during the days when I was stationed in the Philippines. I would love to write something that will be published, but the only question is, "Do I have the patience?" Any tips? Victor

  10. I like your space-I am not so neat. I can't have a window I see too many things to watch when I look outside. But I am distracted by the TV, I turn on every football game (left over habit from coaching the sport for 38 years) When games are on I read blogs and play with my new Kindle.

  11. @victor - You sound like a writer ready to blossom! I have two tips for you: 1) Just start writing - anything! 2) Find a writers' group - you'll be amazed at how you'll be inspired to keep writing. Keep me posted!

    @old guy - Don't let me fool you, I'm not always so "neat." And I too, am easily distracted. That's why I'd like to have a door. :-)

  12. Way too neat for a writer of your ability! Mine has two bay windows, no animals, two french doors, a desk, electronics in an armoire, chair, file cabinet and stacks and stacks of stories and papers. All neatly arrange in my mind. I can find anything by calling out to a character in my mind and the story answers me. Bud

  13. Oh who's talking about neatness! Yours is artsy AND neat. And love that you had a ready-made blog post for this with even other writerly spaces to share.

    1. Ha! Madison, like I said, you should see it now! I'll have to take a picture and send it to you in private. :)

  14. Wonderful Writing Space--sooooooo neat. :-) Like you, I'm posting pics that I took when mine was all neat and tidy--right now my desktop is strewn with the materials I used for my website posts. The bulk of the room is tidy, though. :-)


  15. Great spaces, all of them. I love the flute player and the wooden sculpture. It looks like a wonderful place for inspiration.

  16. I have to say, Jan... of all the 'writing spaces' that showed up on Madison's page today, your's is the most interesting... not counting mine of course. I could not get on vigregory's for some reason, so if she is listening, so she is exempt. But what else would I expect from a woman, obsessed with coffee, holding an Irish Coffee in her avatar. Bushnmill's or Jameson's?