Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Giant Step Forward

I am very happy to say that I have taken a giant step forward on my metaphorical path toward publication of BROKEN DOLLS.

I . . . have . . . an . . . agent! Kathleen Anderson of Anderson Literary Management has offered to represent me.

The querying process can be a daunting one. Often, it is a writer's first exposure of her manuscript to the "outside world" -- the world that extends beyond the bounds of family, friends and critique groups. So, when I received the email from Ms. Anderson, I was thrilled.

Thrilled? Okay, as I writer, I feel the need to "show" - not "tell."

It was a bright, sunny morning, and not a creature stirred. Not my husband. Not my two dogs. The only sound in the house was the hum of my computer and the slurp of my coffee. I opened my email, and there it was - an email from Kathleen Anderson.

A month before, I'd been fortunate to shepherd her at this year's OWFI Conference, and after being able to spend much more time with her than the typical 5-minute pitch, she asked me to send the full manuscript.

So there I was, holding my breath in front of my computer monitor. I'm not sure if I hesitated to open it because I was trying to work up the nerve, or because I wanted to revel in a moment that hovered between possibility and defeat.

Finally, I did it. I opened it. Then, I exhaled. From the beginning of her email, I savored each word, though I will admit, I kept waiting for the big "but." She did suggest some changes and said the manuscript would need some editing, but that dreaded word "but" -- the word that so often precedes "it's not quite right for me" never appeared.

When the formal agreement arrived by mail a few days later, well . . . you can see how excited I was.

So, I continue forward on my path, knowing there may yet be steps backward that will require two steps forward. But today, I'm skipping.


  1. Congratulations!!! That's so awesome!!!

  2. Congrats! Got passed a big hurdle.

  3. Congratulations, Jan. I know BROKEN DOLLS will be a great success.

  4. Love that photo! Psychologists say that a big project with a monster reward at the end should be broken down into a number of intermediate steps--each of which is rewarded. So savor this victory along the road to New York Times bestsellerdom. It's an accomplishment!

  5. Great picture. I'm so happy for you!

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