Friday, February 11, 2011

Facebook Flash Fiction - Nature's Gym

Who's the Facebook Flash Fiction?
Being snowbound can lead to boredom, which thankfully, can also spark a bit of creativity. There are so many stories to be told behind many of the postings and pictures on Facebook. I thought I'd take the opportunity to create my own.

Now, I don't personally know some of my Facebook friends, so many, if not all of my flash fiction will be just that - fiction. And, to protect the innocent, I'll only use first names. :-)

And now, I'd like to present my premier Facebook Flash Fiction. It's a story about Linda - who, by the way, is a good friend of mine - and her marvelous attitude about the world.

Who will be next?


One day, during the Great Blizzard of 2011, Linda flipped on the light in the garage. She scratched her head, wondering where in the world Neal would put the snow shovel.

Talking to herself was not something she admitted to a soul. Still, she had a solitary conversation as she perused Neal’s well-organized tools. “Where is that silly old shovel, anyway? I guess I'm just going to have to clear a path myself. After all, I must get out for my daily walk down the lane, else how am I to keep this girlish figure?”

The closet door squawked as she opened it. “Ah-ha! There you are, you contrary shovel. Now let’s get busy. Nosiree. I’m not going to let a measly 24” of snow stop me. Nosiree.”

Her boots crunched with every step she took into the bright sunlight. She squinted her eyes and took a breath of cool, fresh air before shoveling the first scoop of sparkling white snow. "God's diamonds," she whispered.

The shovel became even more contrary as she shoved it into the snow. “ Ugh,” she groaned. “Shoot darn. This pretty white fluff is heavier than I thought.”

Another scoop, then another. She panted, then flexed her muscles. “Why, this is almost as good a workout as arranging rocks last summer.”

Scoop. Pant. Scoop. Pant.

Deer paused and gazed at her in sympathy, while birds flitted around, pecking at seed she'd sprinkled for them earlier.

At last, after two hours, she’d cleared a path.

She wiped her brow and smiled at the hill of relocated snow. “What a nice workout. Nature’s gym.”

The brisk, cool air exhilarated. Until . . . oh, not again! An unwelcome surge of heat blasted on her neck, her face.

"Why, it's -31⁰ out here. How can I be hot, hot, hot?"

Suddenly, that pile of snow she’d conquered looked mighty inviting.

“I think I’ll just take myself a little plunge,” she exclaimed. Then, she leaped in and fluffed snow around her like a soft, white blanket. “Ahhh . . . God provided a little side benefit to nature’s gym. Relief from my personal summer.”


  1. Hey, were you peeking in the windows of my mind? Scary!

    Love it Jan!

  2. I'm surprised the snow didn't melt away when lovely Miss Linda smiled. :-)

    Great FFF!!

  3. Linda, I want you to know you've started a trend. Stephen says, "That's what I'm going to do to you today." :-)

  4. What a lovely story. Enjoyed it. The addition of the photo gave me a grin. :)

  5. A great read to pass the time while I sat on the toilet! Lol! No kidding!
    Fighting a bout of food poisoning!

  6. Great story, Jan--I'm certain it comes VERY close to truth. Linda is always a delightful read and sooooo nature-minded.

    Great flash-fiction. Eager to see who gets "flashed" next. LOL

  7. A Story about hot flashes is a great idea, but your main character looks way to young to be having them. Oh, wait a minute. This is hot flash fiction? I forget. Anything can happen in fiction. Never mind.