Monday, September 6, 2010

Jeepers Creepers

Last week my friend, Ruth, told our writers' group a story about something that creeped her out:

Driving to work, Ruth felt something tingle on her neck. Figuring it was the neck band for her employment badge, she continued on her way, her mind aswirl with things that took her thoughts far, far away.

Too soon, she arrived to start her day, and made a quick stop to the Ladies' Room. As she freshened up, there in the mirror she saw it--a huge spider, sitting on her shoulder.

Needless to say, she shivered and screamed as she swatted it off, but felt that ghastly spider crawling on her for the rest of the day.

It made me think about the things that give me the creeps:

1) Spiders themselves don't give me the creeps, unless, of course, they've invaded my personal space, and I can't remember a time that's happened. I have however, walked into many spiderwebs, and THAT gives me the creeps. Because like Ruth, I feel spiders crawling all over me for hours after.

2) Though it's never happened in a sinister way--only innocently or mischievously--seeing a face looking in from a window is CREEPY to me. It must be because such scenes in movies always lead to something sinister. Though it's not the worst, it approaches a "cover my eyes" moment.

Jeepers, creepers. She's got blacked out peepers!

3) Creepiest of all, the thing that for some reason IS a movie's "cover my eyes" moment (fortunately, I have not experienced it in real life) is someone with blacked out eyes. Don't ask why. Maybe it's that eyes represent the soul? Who knows. All I know is, it's CREEPY.
What creeps you out?


  1. You KNOW I love this subject! Perfect for Halloween next month.

    What creeps me out?
    The girl in The Ring - white/pale, long, straight, black hair that falls over her face (who also has blacked-out eyes). She walks oddly and doesn't speak.

    Another creepy thing?
    Flying American Cockroaches. They live further south and actually bite on occassion. They are several inches in length and will fly into your hair, onto any surface, and hide in drawers, under clothes, in cabinets. Awww! Grrreeee!

    Darkness in cold months freaks me out a bit, too. For some reason, the summer months, warm weather, and long days just don't find me afraid.

    I'm also afraid of my boyfriend's ex. She is tall and wide and scary. tee-hee.

    Great subject, Jan!

  2. Creepy: Sticking my head into an unseen spider web in a dark corner, as I did yesterday, reaching for something in the shed. Then ya hafta do the spider dance and slap yourself all over and jump up and down, just in case. Argghhh...

  3. The curtains not closed at night. Looking out into the expanse of darkness knowing that whatever lurks in the woods can see everything going on inside the house and I can't see it/them.

    Lurking in general creeps me out. When you turn around and suddenly a person is next to you who wasn't there seconds before.

    Oh yeah, and when you're on a crowded train or bus and someone is standing behind you and you can feel their breath and cooties spreading across the back of your neck. Icky!

  4. Since we don't live in Florida anymore, I had forgotten about Palmetto bugs (the big flying Roach things). They are way creepy. And shiny black orb shaped spiders get my attention, in a bad way..............Pati

  5. everydayclimb and Pati - who could forget about flying cockroaches?!?! Definitely on my list.

    kagross - been there, done that!

    Patty - lurking. Just the word is spooky! I've experienced that erie sensation of "looking into the expanse of darkness" while scuba diving, too. I remember staring into the deep blue in front of me, imagining some giant sea creature watching me. Creepy!